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Business Insurance,and all topic here learn must ,also here is online earning ideas

Business Insurance
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Product Liability
Getting Errors & Omission Insurance – A Beginner’s Guide
If you are business owner or you have a company that offers a professional service, you should have come across the term Error and Omission insurance (E &O). But in case you haven’t heard of it, an Error and Omission insurance is an insurance type that protects business owners against claims by clients or customers…


How to Reduce Car Insurance Premium After Accident
As long as you drive, you are expected to have car insurance because no matter how good a driver you think you are, accidents do happen and it may not even be your fault. The insurance company is there to compensate the third party and you the insured in case of the occurrence of an…


Everything You Need to Know about Business Owners Policy
Virtually all business owners understand the importance of purchasing insurance for their business. But most of them feel completely at loss when it comes to making the right choice from the long list of different types of insurance policies. And because they don’t have the time to educate themselves about the various options, they usually…


Small Business Bonding Insurance – What You Need to Know
Most of the time, bonding gets confused with insurance. But the truth is, they do not mean the same thing, although they might serve similar purposes. Whereas insurance protects you and your business against losses and damages suffered from unfortunate and unpredictable experiences, bonding is designed to protect your customers. Let’s assume that a company…


Getting Worker’s Compensation Insurance – Beginner’s Guide
Workers’ compensation insurance is the oldest form of insurance in most developed countries. It was developed to provide coverage for business owners because in the past, workers had to sue their employers to get compensated whenever they sustained injuries or fell ill as a direct result of their jobs. The world is generally a risky…


Everything You Need to Know about Vehicle Fleet Insurance
When you start a new business, it is doubtful that you would have enough money to purchase all the cars that you would need to carry on your business conveniently. What you would most likely do is purchase one or two vehicles and then add more vehicles to your fleet as your business grows with…


Everything You Need to Know about Cargo or Freight Insurance
One major goal of every business owner is to please his customers. Pleasing your customers comes with a lot of benefits. When you continue to please them, they would keep patronizing you, and they would even spread word about your business. This explains why it is very important for every business owner to ensure that…


How to Save Money on Car Insurance for Under 25 Drivers
If you are a teenager or an under 25 driver hoping to own your car for the first time, then you should be concerned about how to buy and service your car insurance policy. It obvious that as an under 25 driver with few years of driving experience, it is natural that you pay more…


How to Switch Auto Insurance Companies
If you are not satisfied with the services you are getting from your auto insurance cover, or you can no longer meet up with the premiums; changing to another reliable one would be one of the wisest things to do. The fact that you start out with an auto insurance company doesn’t mean that you…


How to Buy Health Insurance for a Child / Baby
When a new baby is added to the family, there are quite a number of changes, improvements and adjustments that have to be made to make the baby and the mother quite comfortable. One of such things is health insurance coverage for the baby. It actually looks like a simple thing to do, after all…


How to Get Affordable Self Employed Group Health Insurance
If you are self employed, chances are that finding affordable health insurance is one of your biggest struggles; and this run true for many others like you. In the United States, over 40 million people—that’s about one-third of the workforce—are self employed. While some are freelancers and independent contractors, others are officially retired but have…


Health Insurance for Independent Contractors: 10 Benefits
Health insurance is one of those things that most independent contractors downplay. Even those who deem it important don’t have their own policies because getting health insurance as a self-employed individual is very difficult; and even where it’s possible, it’s usually expensive. If you are an independent contractor, you need to know that health insurance…


How to Cancel Your Health Insurance Plan
Heath insurance can be very useful because it protects you against the risk of incurring medical expenses. However, there are times when you want to cancel your health insurance plans for whatever reason. And there is no problem with doing this, as long as you are not under a legal obligation to provide it to…


How to Get Health Insurance with Pre-Existing Condition
Health is wealth they say. But health is one of the most unpredictable conditions in life. There are people who take proper care of their health, eat well and exercise yet still fall victim of diseases and other unfavorable health conditions may be due to genetics, environment and other factors and then on the other…


How to Process Health Insurance Claims
There are a lot of people that offer this service for a fee but you can also learn how to do it yourself or start a business from it. When you visit your doctor, you are handed some forms to fill. These forms would request for your health insurance details. After filing the forms, you…


How to Compare Health Insurance Policies and Plans
When you want to buy health insurance, you have to be careful and shop wisely so that you can save some money and get an insurance plan that fits your budget. You also have to ensure that the insurance plan you go for has the right type of coverage that you need. This article would…


How to Buy Health Insurance Policy without Job or Income
A lot of people are in this boat; they are either unemployed, lost their job, self-employed or have no specific source of income. Some others are employed but their employer does not offer health insurance programs. These categories of people need to find health insurance too. They need to enjoy the benefits, which come with…


How to Buy Life Insurance Online for Your Parents
I guess the first question that came to your mind when you saw the topic was “is it legal”. Well, the answer is yes. It’s completely legal and okay to buy life insurance for your parents. One of the ways you can benefit from buying life insurance on your parents is that in the event…


How to Buy Life Insurance Policy Wisely Without a Broker
Although using an agent or insurance broker to buy life insurance policy is a good idea. However, it could backfire sometimes. Hiring an insurance broker has its downsides, some of which include-: Commission comes first-: Even though insurance agents want to ‘help’ you, they are paid on commission, based on the sales they make and…


How to Save Money on Insurance Policies
Whether it is car insurance or business insurance, the average insurance buyer has a major goal in mind; and that is getting the best coverage at the cheapest rates. We have discussed a lot in previous articles; we have discussed topics ranging from how to buy insurance policies, how to avoid scams and i even…


How to Find Life Insurance Policies for a Deceased Person
When you lose a loved one, you are saddled with some responsibilities like making funeral arrangements, settling debts, and settling financial affairs of the deceased. A lot of people have life insurance policies to cover for the costs of their burial, pay off their debts and also leave something for dependents and relatives. However, this…


How to Process Life Insurance Claims
How long does it take to process life insurance claims? What are the processes involved? How do you file an application claim? Well, i advice you read on to find out what you need to know. If you are a beneficiary of a life insurance policy, you would want to know how to file claims…


How to Get Small Business Insurance Quotes Online
Insurance is definitely not on the list of a small business owner’s favorite things. As a small business owner, you would most likely be more concerned about making things work and trying not to overburden your business with expenses but insurance is something you really cannot do without. I often love to compare running your…


Signing Insurance Policy Contract – Due Diligence Checks
Whenever you buy any product or subscribe for any services, you do it with the intention of getting value for your money and it really sucks when you cannot get your claims paid after spending years paying premiums. The best way to prevent this is to perform a due diligence before entering into an insurance…


13 Tips for Getting the Best Insurance Pricing Cheaply
One of the reasons most people shy away from insurance is because of the pain of paying premiums monthly with no immediate return or benefit. Everyone wants affordable premium rates for their insurance policies but the truth is that insurance doesn’t come cheap. Yet, it still doesn’t have to be expensive. Are you looking for…


How to Apply and Get Insurance Claims for your Company
What is the right way to apply for insurance claims for your business? How do you increase your chances and eliminate the odds of getting the claim? You see, the last thing you need after your business has just suffered a hit, is the insurance company giving you the run around, wasting time and energy…


Applying for Business Insurance -Legal Documents Required
What legal documents do insurance companies ask for when applying for small business insurance policies? You see, our businesses are prone to uncertainties and risks; and it is our duty to manage these risks. When you protect your business from risks, you are not only doing it for yourself or for your business; you do…


10 Tips to Avoid Being Scammed By Insurance Brokers
Insurance scams are not fairytale stories, a lot of people have fallen victim in the past as a result of dealing with the wrong insurance broker or getting mixed up with agents that do not have your best interests at heart but only interested in the commissions that he can get out of you. Of…


The Benefits of Insurance in Business Risk Management
First, let’s define what risk means in insurance and also understand what risk management is all about. Risk is the probability that an event would occur which would lead to certain losses or financial consequences. Risk management on the other hand is a situation whereby a company or organization takes steps to identify, assess and…


10 Tough Questions to Ask your Insurance Broker / Agent
Do you know that in 2010, it was discovered that more than half of insurance buyers in America are nervous when making insurance buying decisions? This is according to The National Association of Insurance Commissioners. So, you see that being hesitant about committing to an insurance policy coverage agreement is not such a bad thing….


Why Insurance Companies Love Obamacare
When U.S. President, Barack Obama proposed the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare, many were glad because they felt it would offer more protection and benefits to consumers of health insurance and prioritize them over insurance companies. But more and more Americans are becoming aware that the opposite is true. With each passing day,…


Why the Insurance Industry Needs to be Regulated
Because insurance companies are businesses in themselves that are out to make profit for their owners and stakeholders, they must make enough money to stay viable. They make money by setting premium rates according to risk. If most of the people covered by an insurance company end up not filing for claims because what they…


Annuity Vs Life Insurance: What is the Difference
If you are new to investing and are trying to figure out how and where to place your hard-earned money, chances are that you have come across terms like “annuity” and “life insurance.” Both can really play significant roles in your financial plans. But you need to understand the differences between them, as this will…


How to Provide Health Insurance for your Employees
Most business owners are often faced with the question of whether they have to provide health insurance for their employees or not. Well, sometimes, the law makes it compulsory for you to provide health insurance coverage for your employees if you have more than 50 employees on your payroll while in some other countries, you…


10 Hidden Truths That Insurance Brokers Won’t Tell You
Sometimes, buying insurance can feel like you are being ripped-off your hard earned money. The reason is because you spend years paying premiums so that you can be protected when an unfortunate event occurs. But when you eventually file a claim, you are given the run around and treated like a beggar. Well, insurance is…


How to Choose the Best Life Insurance Plan
I know that discussions about death can be very uncomfortable for a lot of people but it shouldn’t be, because it is something that would occur whether we talk about it or not. However, we can make our lives count by living it well and preparing for what would happen when we are gone. If…


How Much Does It Cost to Get Insurance for Small Business
If you are a small business owner, you need to protect your business with insurance—even if your business is home-based. This will provide coverage for your business against various risks such as debt, accident, equipment damage, burglary, theft, lawsuits, and so on. Many business owners pay huge sums of money every year in premiums for…


10 Factors to Consider When Choosing an Insurance Company
How do I choose an insurance company? This question is very popular amongst people who are shopping for insurance products as there are thousands of insurance companies out there from the big giants to the really small ones. Insurance is an intangible asset and that is why it is better to be careful when shopping…


10 Benefits of Auto Insurance Policy for Business Vehicle
You probably have your personal motor vehicle covered. What about the vehicles you use for your business? Are they protected by insurance too? Commercial auto insurance coverage is just as important and necessary as personal motor vehicle insurance. Commercial motor vehicle insurance would cover for any liabilities in case of accidents, thefts or any unfortunate…


10 Benefits of Providing Health Insurance for Employees
You can never go wrong with employee motivation. Smart business owners understand the importance of motivating their employees and they practice it. When you motivate your staff, you encourage them to put in their best and be more efficient. The level of satisfaction an employee enjoys with his job has a direct result on his…


How Insurance Premiums are Calculated
Only few things are more unclear to people than how insurance premiums are calculated. Some think each insurance company sets its rates arbitrarily. Some think the rates depend on the insurance policy being purchased. And some think the rates are the standard prices set by insurance regulatory bodies. And worse, many insurance agents and brokers…


8 Types of Small Business Insurance Policies You Need
When you are starting or running your own business, you need optimism and promise to keep you motivated and going strong. Even if your business faces harsh market challenges, your optimism and enthusiasm may just be enough to help you pull through. That’s the power of having a positive mindset as a business owner. However,…


7 Reasons Why People Think Insurance Companies Are Bad
Only few people will be ready to listen to you when you try to sell them on the benefits of buying insurance. As for the majority, they will either cut you short, bring up another topic, or hit the roof. As an independent insurance agency or agent, you need to know how to deal with…


How Insurance Settlements and Reimbursements Work
The insurance settlement process is a very long and complex process but insurance companies that really do care about their clients make an effort to make the process as fast and straightforward as possible. The way an insurance claim would be handled usually depends on the type of insurance policy; For instance, a life insurance…


How to Handle General Insurance Claims
Getting an insurance policy is one of the best things you can do for yourself and your business because we are faced with a whole lot of risks in our day to day lives such as accidents, fire, natural disasters and several other unanticipated disasters. An insurance policy would not only help to reduce risks,…


How to Reduce Business Insurance Premiums
As a smart business owner, one of your major goals is to strive hard to reduce the costs of running your business so that you can increase your profits. Getting insurance coverage for your company is one of the smartest business decisions that you can make but the challenge is in paying insurance premiums. Insurance…


7 Reasons Why Insurance Companies Raise Premiums
Why do insurance companies raise premiums? Because insurance companies are businesses in and of themselves, they are out to make as much profits as possible for their owners and stakeholders. One of their tactics for achieving this ultimate goal is to look for tiny statistical nuances that can predict the likelihood that someone will file…


Why Small Business Insurance Claims are Rejected
Why are business insurance claims rejected? Many small business owners cry foul when insurance companies deny their claims. They think these companies are being unfair to them and only want to eat up their money. While insurance companies can make mistakes sometimes and could make wrong denials, they have good reasons for most of their…


What to Do When an Insurance Company Denies a Claim
What do you do when an insurance company denies a claim and doesn’t pay? This is the question on the minds of most insurance policy holders. Only few things could be costlier, more frustrating, more unsettling, and more disappointing than receiving a letter from your insurance company that your claim has been denied. This will…


When Are Insurance Policy Premiums Tax Deductible
When are insurance policy premiums tax deductible? This is a question most business owners ask when buying insurance. Well, this article will consider six factors that make insurance premiums tax deductible. Most insurance policy premiums are typically not tax deductible. In fact, this is one of the reasons why entrepreneurs feel motivated to go for…


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Small Shop Business Opportunities, and onlin Small Shop Business at home

Shop Business Ideas
Small Shop Business Opportunities
Are you planning to invest in a small shop business and test your luck? Before even thinking of doing this you should check your budget. Are you looking for someone to invest in your chosen business? If you have some startup capital, then you may want to find out which retail shop idea is going to provide you the success.

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It needs a lot of time to settle on a good retail shop business idea and learn the process to run. There are too many shop business opportunities available on internet and offline, but it is always a challenge to pick the best one that can bring you money and success. Check out the following list for your needs.

How to Start a Smoke Shop?
Cigarette lovers know that it takes mastery of the art of making cigarettes to come up with a nice blend of smoke. Are you interested in starting a smoke shop? Is there enough demand for a smoke shop in your neighborhood?

How to Open a Lego Shop
Opening your own Lego store requires following some of the effective ways for it to succeed. There are also two major ways to promote and sell your Lego products; endorse building-block toys with a Third Party retail chains such as Toys R Us, WalMart and selling toys through a shop.

Qualifications to Open a Shop
Opening a shop may be an option to some and may be a good decision to others. However, it may take a lot of hard work and more hours to make it successful. Even meeting a set of qualifications is also essential. And thus, this now paves to taking advantage of newer opportunities and changing trends.

How to Open a Lube Shop?
Success is possible in opening a lube shop to help you achieve your dreams financially and independently. But, look for the most effective ways on how to open a lube shop of your own and you're on the right place.

Open a Longboard Shop
Starting a longboard shop may be an easy, rewarding and sometimes frustrating task to some. Apart from it, it may take a long time to figure things out.

Starting a Menswear Shop
In making the decision of opening your menswear shop, bearing a few of the essential things in mind is a must. If you also enjoy the retail and fashion work, starting a menswear shop can be the most fantastic and best entrepreneurial decision to make.

How to Open a Knife Shop
A knife shop is a great business venture that you may want to start today. This cutting tool remains to be high in demand and your business can become the leading supplier for many different stores in different industries someday. But before that can happen, you need to realize the most important factors that you should take into consideration to successfully run this kind of business.

How to Open a Massage Shop
Working as a massage therapist is truly a good and rewarding career. And by your own shop, the rewards can be taken to a higher and newer level.

Opening a Drum Shop
Individuals' love and passion for music pave way for the increase in the demands for musical instruments. Drums are one of the frequently bought musical instruments these days so lots of business minded individuals grab this profitable opportunity to start their own business. Opening a drum shop can be a lucrative venture but be reminded that you can only get the best profit from this business if you started it right.

Cost of Opening a Flower Shop
Knowing the cost of opening a flower shop will help you complete your business plan and other important things that need to be made for the said business.

Coffee Shop Promotion Ideas
Coffee shops will be more a lot lucrative if there will be promos that will go with it. After all, most customers are enticed with the promos that are given for them by coffee shops because it makes them feel that they are valued.

How to Run Coffee Shop
Running a coffee shop will be a lot easier if you have all the right equipment and the knowledge of its mechanics. In addition to this, several coffee shop owners have attested that it is the interior design as well as the surrounding that contribute to a coffee shop’s success.

What Do Pawn Shops Take
Times can be tough and when this happens, there are instances that people will have to resort to all possible things that can help them easing the burden that they carry. More often than not, pawn shops are the places where people go to when they need money. However, there are instances when people are not aware what do pawn shops take.

How to Sell to Shop
A store must have quality products in order for you to generate more income. That is why, proper analyzing of the people’s preferences, location factor and other things to be considered are necessary for you to become a better supplier and profit wielder.

How to Start Up a Shop
At some point in time people will decide they would want to start up their own business.

How to Open a Nail Shop
There are different types of business that really patronized by most entrepreneurs. One of these is the nail shop or nail salon which every people preferred to invest in. If you are fond of exploring other businesses, then you must try to establish nail shop or nail salon.

How Do Pawn Shops Work
Are you wondering on how pawn shops work and how the pawn broker makes money on this lucrative business?

Starting a Muffler Shop
Muffler installation is an in demand job anytime. That is why many entrepreneurs are investing in starting a muffler shop.

Starting a Pound Shop
The trickiest skill that you need to hone in starting a pound shop is the skill in choosing the products that would be saleable in your shop.

Starting a Tuner Shop
Cars are fervor. A love with car tuning up is a hard-hitting business that could be started in adequate knowledge of car’s craftsmanship. The industry is spirited and very much complex therefore ample ground work has to be done.

Starting a Tackle Shop
Fishing businesses can become so complex. But with the necessary information on how to start one can be a great help.

Starting an Oil Change Shop
Just like any other business, maximizing your capital is one important aspect in starting your business. Particularly in a business of oil changing, there are a lot of things that you must have to be able to give the best service to your customers.

Open a Motorcycle Junk Shop
If you want to start your own motorcycle junk shop, you must comply first with the local requirements like registration, licensing, and other important matters. Find a location for the junk yard and the warehouse.

Starting Motorcycle Chop Shop
If you will describe the technology in motorcycles, it is almost comparable with cars. There are many add-ons for traction and the like. This is the reason why many are addicted as being motorcycle enthusiasts.

Starting a Steel Fabrication Shop
If you are looking for a good business today, a steel fabrication shop is a good idea.

Starting a Cabinet Shop
If you want to start a cabinet shop, you will need to begin with a business plan. It should be detailed and clear to cover areas like financials, marketing, staffing, supplies, and many others.

Cost of Starting a Coffee Shop
Starting a coffee shop can be a good business. You can franchise or create your own.

Starting a Soccer Shop
There is a large growth of fan base in soccer these days. Almost everyone has an interest in this kind of sport.

Buying Butcher Shop Equipments
Establishing a butcher shop is not a bad idea when it comes to business and earnings.

How to Open an Xbox Game Rental Shop
If you want to start a business, an Xbox game rental shop is a great idea. Until now, the game console is still very popular. All you need to do is to find a supplier of these games.

Top 10 Clothing Stores
Because of a large number of clothing stores that have sprouted lately, where to go shopping has become a complex problem nowadays. Wanna make the choice easier?

Open an Urban Clothing Shop
If you want to open an urban clothing shop, you will be selling designer and hip hop clothing.

Different Automotive Machine Shop Tools
Automotive machine shops could not operate without both its advanced and simple tools. Are you someone wanting to start an automobile machine shop? Or, are you looking for a hobby that is in line with auto repair?

How to Start a Tool and Die Shop
If you want to start a tool and die shop, you will have to write a business plan. You can use the plan for securing the needed funds and from the very start you should determine the products or services that you want to offer.

List of Free Online Print Shops
If you want to get a list of free online print shops, there is no need to worry because you can easily find them online.

Starting a Home and Garden Shop
When putting up your own home and garden shop, you will have to focus on the business plan. Create a business plan that will work for you. You can grow flowering plants as well as vegetables.

Starting Brakes Repair Shop
Brake check is one of the routine things car owners do to prevent accidents related to faulty brakes. If you have the knowledge in auto repair, a brake repair shop is a business you can start. Are you wondering what you need to do and have in order to start one?

Open a Power Tool Shop
If you want to open a power tool shop, make sure that you begin with a business plan so that you can have a guide. Choose an ideal location, apply for business license, find a supplier, arrange the store, and hire employees.

Open a Home Theater System Shop
If you want to open a home theater shop, you will have to begin with the creation of a business plan. The business plan will already cover all the aspects of the business, from marketing, advertising, financials, and management.

Open a Shop for Home Accessories
If you want to open a shop for home accessories, you will need to start with a business plan like any other types of businesses out there. The plan can be used for getting capital funds from potential lenders.

Open a Bag Repair Shop
If you want to open a bag repair shop under sole proprietorship, it is advantageous for you if you are skilled in the bag repair field. You can already start generating income by just having yourself to work for it. But the vision for improvement is also needed to have a direction in this kind of business.

How to Open a Glass Shop
Perceptions differ in the business planning, so are they for glass shops. It requires experience whether you establish one or renovate an existing shop. Make it truly satisfying business initiative rather than looking into frustrating elements associated with glass shop.

Start Your Own Used Auto Accessories Shop
In starting your own used auto accessories shop, it helps if you know who your clients are so that you can also identify and choose which used accessories you are to showcase in your shop at certain prices.

How to Open a Model Shop
The process of opening a model shop begins with appropriate advice about different features. Make best judgment through planning. Model shops are lucrative business options. Both traditional and advanced factors are used in them for gaining popularity.

Starting a Gears & Axles Shop
If you are starting a gears and axles shop, you have to possess adequate knowledge about this kind of business. You can use the internet to gather related info which can help you in creating a comprehensive and detailed business plan.

How to Open Aluminum Welding Shop
How to open aluminum welding shop does not have to be complicated. If you knew how to weld or have the passion for welding then this might be the business for you.

How to Open an Antenna Shop
If you want to know how to open an antenna shop, you need to follow the right steps. Educate yourself about this business and you can use the internet or attend trainings and seminars.

Starting a Barber Shop
Starting a barber shop? You're on your way to a very lucrative business. In this article you will be able to have a grasp of the barber shop industry.

How to Start a Cheese Shop
You might admire exotic food and long to discover something amazing. Open a cheese shop and don into this venture. Costumers always look for desired cheese items. Business operation goes traditionally as well as by inviting orders online.

Starting a Sweden Shop
There are a lot of changes taking place in the country called Sweden, and Americans may want to get to know the Swedish tradition and fashion. So when you put up a Sweden shop, you will help educate the public about Sweden’s lifestyle. We can show you the way on how to start a Sweden Shop here.

How to Start a Bicycle Performance Shop
Good equipment can turn an average bike ride into a great one. So if you’re thinking abut a profitable business, how about your own Bicycle Performance Shop? Starting this shop is easy.

Starting Custom Sig Shop
Start your custom sig shop the right way and you will be assured of business success and huge profits.

How to Open a Tailor Shop
Learn how to open a tailor shop by reading this all-inclusive article that gives you a good head start so you could know what to do when putting up this business on your own.

How to Start a Beauty Shop
Starting your own beauty shop is just easy if you know the important steps and tips on how to smoothly start and run it.

How to Open a Magic Shop
Opening a magic shop can be a cool business idea if you know how to handle it well and market it to more potential clients.

Starting a Viking Shop
Attitude matters the most in starting Viking shops. One planning to own such shops needs to know that they are full service ski and snowboard shops. Commitment to offer best service through quality product is a must.

How to Open a Tennis Shop
If you’re not sure how to start your own tennis shop, you’ve come to the right place. Search no further because here you will learn about the different aspects of the business so that you can put up yours with ease. By the end of this article, you will know what to do.

Open Your Own Head Shop
Are you the type of person who loves to invest in strange ventures? Well, why don’t you open your own head shop?

Starting a Custom Mug Shop
Are you planning to start a custom mug shop? Do you see that this product is used by almost every individual be they in their homes or office? If you do, then you are right. Custom mug is a no-brainer gift and product that everybody loves.

How to Start Custom Engraving Shop
Starting a custom engraving business is easy; you just need to be patient and zealous enough to be successful.

How to Start a Pie Shop
A delicious and high-earning business is yours to take if you have the talent in baking and serving pies.

Starting a Rubber Stamp Shop
Do you like creating cute, fun stuff? Do you have artistic talents waiting to be unleashed? You might want to set your sights on starting a rubber stamp shop. It is a fun way of turning those creative juices into a money-making machine. Read on to find out how you can get started in the rubber stamp business.

Starting an Archery Shop
Are you an archery coach, instructor or professional archer? Your expertise can help others pursue a similar interest while letting you earn money. You can become a businessman by starting a store selling archery equipment and accessories.

How to Start a Surf Shop
Is surfing your passion? Do you want to find a means of how to make money out from that passion? Why don’t you open a surf shop? Starting your own surf shop is just easy, especially if you know what to do and have enough capital to put up. And to help you further, here are some steps that can help you open one.

How to Start a Chocolate Shop
Does the taste of one fine chocolate makes you wish you can own a store selling chocolates that you've made yourself? Do you have required arrangements for funds to start a chocolate shop? Are you looking for some tips to open a chocolate shop in your neighbourhood?

Starting a Fly Shop
Are you an avid fly angler? Do you live near where fly fishing is popular? Is there a niche market that you can serve? A business selling fly fishing equipment and accessories could be waiting for you. Find out some basic factors you need to consider for staring this business.

How to Start a Custom Car Shop
Operating a custom car shop can be a lucrative and unique business. But just like any business, you have to plan for it and follow a step to open and properly run one. So if you plan to open a custom car business, we just have the idea on what you need to do so you can start making money out from custom cars.

How to Start a Pastry Shop
Do you have experience and knowledge about baking? Do you particularly like to make sweet treats like croissants, pies and tarts? You can start a business selling pastries.

Starting a Vintage Shop
Do you have the interest and eye for picking out vintage items from garage sale, estate auctions, and flea markets? Turn that passion into money by starting a vintage shop.

Starting a Yogurt Shop
Are you interested in owning a food stall? You have a variety of choices in this line of business, but if you want to sell something sweet, less the calories, you can sell frozen yogurt, which is a popular and healthier alternative to ice cream. Learn from our basic guide some information and tips about starting this business.

Starting a Tire Shop
What are the most important factors you need to consider when starting a tire store? Learn from our basic guide how to best locate a tire store, the ways to get supplies, what areas will the store have, what added value you can put into the business, and more.

Starting a Bagel Shop
Do you want to start a food business, but afraid you don’t have enough capital to start one? A bagel shop is one business you can pursue. Learn how you can open a business selling bagels without buying a lot of equipment and renting a large space to hold these.

Starting a Bicycle/Moped/Scooter Service Shop
Perhaps vehicles and fixing/repairing them fascinate you. Well, you can go beyond mere interest and become an entrepreneur. Earn by providing repairs and maintenance services to owners of bicycles, moped and scooters. Don't know how to start the business?

Tips in Starting a Sympathy Gift Shop
Sympathy gifts are now popular alternatives to flowers and cards in consoling bereaved friends and colleagues. If your heart has always been drawn towards giving hope and encouragement to people who have just experienced loss, then a sympathy gift shop could be the best business you can start. Learn some tips from our guide.

Opening a Snowboard Shop
Are experienced in the sports, or in retailing snowboard equipment and accessories? You can turn that knowledge and enthusiasm into a money-making venture. From being a sports person, you can also be a business owner. Read our guide and discover how you could turn this interest into cash.

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How to Start a Donut Shop
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Starting a Bike Shop
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How to Start a Paint Shop
Car selling in US has touched the highest - matching to the sold number before 7 years back. There is an opportunity to explore in painting business if you have an interest towards it.

Starting a Shop Fitting Business
Starting a shop fitting business entails an extensive background on various businesses and what one business may need in a limited space. It is also a very pricey business endeavor. If you are starting this business on a smaller scale, you may want to accumulate a network of suppliers to which you can get great offers without sacrificing quality.

Starting a Florist Shop
Flowers are the beauties of the living world; everyone needs it in some or other way everyday. If you have love towards flowers and feel the importance of flower in others life then you will enjoy running a florist shop and make money out of it.

Starting a Fish Shop
Fish is one of the most popular hobbies in the world. A tank or pond filled with colorful fishes is always a conversation piece be it at home, office or shops and malls. What with huge number of fish species to choose from, any fish tank or pond owner can take delight just by choosing what fish to take home and care for. Taking care of fishes, aquariums and ponds is not as complicated as other pet hobbies. This makes fish shop a good business anywhere in the globe.

Starting an Ice Cream Shop
Many found ice cream business to be a profitable one for them so we have a guideline to start an ice cream shop. Starting an ice cream parlor can be your profitable venture over the time.


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Getting Errors & Omission Insurance A Beginner’s Guide online jobs also here ideas

If you are business owner or you have a company that offers a professional service, you should have come across the term Error and Omission insurance (E &O). But in case you haven’t heard of it, an Error and Omission insurance is an insurance type that protects business owners against claims by clients or customers for inaccurate work or any other form of negligence in performance of their professional duty.

Errors and Omission insurance, also known as liability insurance, is an insurance cover or package that companies and individuals buy or subscribe to, which protects them from claims of negligence or failure to perform duties. The Errors and Omission insurance is less commonly called malpractice insurance, especially when it applies to professionals, such as attorneys and medical doctors. But it is called E AND O (errors and omission) in insurance, consultancy and brokerage companies.

In other words, it protects the insured (company or business owner that takes the insurance policy) against liability for committing an error or omission in performance of his or her professional duties. In this article, I will cover areas like: who can take an Error and Omission cover, advantages of taking such insurance policy, and how to go about getting an Error and Omission insurance cover.

Who Can Get An Error And Omission Insurance Cover?
The Error and Omission insurance is needed by everybody as long as you are offering one type of services or the other, but the following group of professionals need this type of insurance essentially:

Business owners
Company insurance dealers or brokers
Financial planners
Investment advisors
If you are offering any of the mentioned services, you need an Error and Omission insurance cover to avoid future liabilities.

Advantages of Getting an Error and Omission (E & O) Insurance Cover
Clients or customers of a company sometimes need to press charges, indicating there has been an act of negligence on the part of the company or an unacceptable omission or error in their products or services.

Should a client file for legal action against a company, the company’s Errors and Omission (E and O) insurance covers the company or staff, protecting them by remitting any costs they may incur from the court cases and fees. It usually covers cost made after judgment or whatever settlement has been decided or the defense cost, which is the cost of hiring an attorney.

Saves You Bigger Liabilities in the Future-: No matter how careful you are with your job, there may be a slip or negligent act from you or your employee when least expected; that can put a hole in your company’s finances if you didn’t take the Error and Omission insurance.
Protects You from Fraudulent Clients-: There are some clients who are just fraudulent and like to reap where they didn’t sow, they may choose to bring up a negligent lawsuit against your company for just a minor mistake that could have been overlooked. The Error and Omission insurance covers you from this kind of people and situations.
The Error and Omission Covers the Following Aspects
a. Negligence-: One of the major aspects covered by the Error and Omission insurance is the aspect of negligence. Negligence here has to do with careless way of acting or omission to carry out an act stipulated by law that caused your client to suffer from a loss or personal harm. The client in such a situation has the legal backing of the law to bring a lawsuit against you for your act of negligent. Taking for instance, a Surgeon that forgot a surgical blade in the stomach of his patient can be sued for act of negligence.

b. Defence Cost-: The Error and Omission insurance also covers your defence cost, which is money that will be paid to your Attorney or Lawyer that is defending you for the lawsuit, even if the matter is later striked out of court.

c. Personal Injury-: If your act or negligence to act caused another (your customer) to suffer to his person in the form of slander or libel, this type of insurance covers the liability.

d. Infringement of Copyright-: If your act or negligent to act encroaches another’s copyright, the Error and Omission insurance covers for such infringement.

In a situation where a claim is filed, but is found baseless in court or the company wins the case, the court process could have gulped a lot of money—even though the company won the case. In such case, the E and O insurance still covers all expenses, so it doesn’t come in handy only when a the sued company or individual loses the case or is heavily penalized.

E and O insurance also covers personal injury such as libel or slander accusations against the company or its staff, copyright infringement (in the case of publishing companies), and general claims of damages. Customers could also accuse a company of incorrect advice. This insurance covers it all.

Since the way the claim works is usually according to the policy made by the company or the service provider, it means if the policy still holds then the claims made by the dissatisfied customer carries weight. Even when your company has put up every measure to avoid possible legal action, it is good to still have an E and O policy in place. The consequences of not having this insurance can cripple a large company or cause a small company to fold up.

Recently, a cosmetic surgeon in the United States was sued because he performed a procedure to correct a client’s face, but this went sour. It was agreed by both parties that the client would look exactly like what the surgeon displayed to the client. However, though the surgery was successful, the client was not satisfied because the image on the system was far different from what she now looked like. She filed a lawsuit, and the case was protracted. This cost the surgeon a lot of money and really affected his business. It took a long time before he could fully recover.

If you understand this true-life story, you won’t think twice before getting the liability insurance for your company. Now we have looked into all the aspects that the Error and Omission (E&O) covers and reasons why people need this type of insurance and the set of professionals that need it most, let’s get to the main aspect of how to get the insurance policy.

How to Get an Error & Omission Insurance Policy for Your Business
1. Get the Cover as Soon as You Can-: If possible, you should get this insurance policy as you are going through the process of legal registration for your business. But if at all you missed or forgot to get the insurance, then make it a point of assignment to get one as soon as you can to avoid unnecessary liabilities on your company.

2. Contact and Inquire from Your Insurance Company-: It is important to mention that not all companies have this type of insurance policy cover; so it is necessary that you contact the insurance company you are already using to ensure that they offer the Error and Omission insurance cover. If they do, fine and better but if they don’t; you can start looking for another insurance company that do, so as to take the cover before it is late.

3. Ensure That You are Covered-: if you have the right company to take the cover with, go through every detail of their insurance policy with your lawyer or legal advisor to ensure that all the services offered by your business or company are covered in the policy. You can also look out for innocent party insurance coverage within the Error and Omission insurance cover to cover innocent third parties affected indirect by the companies act.

4. Get the Advantage-: All am trying to say here is that, you should get all the advantages you can from the insurance company. For instance, some insurance companies prior to the coverage time selection; cover for liabilities you incurred before you took their insurance policy. The terms of these may be that the company will bear the cost of liabilities incurred six months prior to the time of taking the insurance cover. You can take advantage of this and to ensure that your company is well covered.

How Much Does Errors And Omission Insurance Cost?
Errors and omissions in business could be costly, yet they are almost inevitable. For example, if a parcel company delivers a package to a wrong address that looked very similar to the right address, time would be lost, inconveniences will be created, and there would be losses in terms of cost on the business.

So, no matter the cost of an Errors and Omissions Insurance policy, it will always be worth paying. And the best time to get this insurance package is before the risk is ever taken. The cost of an Errors and Omission insurance policy depends on a number of factors:

How many people work for you
The specific work your company does or the services you provide
The region or area your company operates
The extent of operation
Here is a quote on the average price you will pay insurance could cost you as stated by a tech insurance company.

Quote for Small Companies

Insurance for a small company such a consulting company with two full-time staff and 10 programmers that makes $250,000 to $1million in annual revenue:
Sample annual premium = $5,000
Sample coverage limit per occurrence = $1million
Sample coverage limit annual aggregate = $1million
Insurance for independent contractor/web designer who earns around $150,000 in annual revenue:
Sample annual premium = $1,000 to $1,500
Sample coverage limit per occurrence = $1million
Sample coverage limit annual aggregate = $1million
Quote for large companies

Insurance for a large company such as a consulting firm defined as company having 6-10 staffs and 10 to 50 programmers, and earning $3million—$10 million in annual income.
Sample annual premium = $14,127
Sample deductible = $5,000
Sample coverage limit per occurrence = $1million
Sample coverage limit annual aggregate = $1million
In conclusion, I have taken you through the subject or Error and Omission insurance cover (E & O), who needs the insurance cover, advantages of taking the insurance cover, aspects the insurance covers and how to go about getting the insurance cover; it now time for you to contact your insurance company to checkout their E & O insurance policy and areas it covers, and if unfortunately your insurance company doesn’t cover this type of insurance, there are many other insurance companies that can provide you with this type of insurance policy.


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How to Invest in Foreign Market ,Earn money online with trading

If you are an investor, the hallmark of your investment is when you have diversified investment portfolio in international market. Big time investors know that in order to continue to be relevant and to increase their earnings, they would have to continue to explore international markets where they can invest their monies and get good returns for their investments.

Before now, it used to be a Herculean task for small investors to invest in foreign markets, but that is no longer the case because there are investment vehicles that encourage small investors who are interested in investing in foreign market to conveniently invest in foreign markets. As a matter of fact, small investors now have options to invest in foreign markets. They can choose to invest in stocks in any country of their choice via a stock broker or they can choose to invest their money with a firm that professionally manage fund for their clients with bias for international markets.

Although, it is a risky venture to invest in foreign markets, it is also a very profitable and rewarding venture if you get it right. The truth is that if you are equipped with the right business information you can maximize your investment in the foreign market. Now let us quickly consider how you can invest in foreign market;

5 Low Risk But Lucrative Ways to Invest in Foreign Market
1. Invest in Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds is obviously one of the easiest ways to invest in foreign market without stress. All you need to do is to look for a reliable and well trusted mutual funds manager and invest with them. But it is important to critically examine the investment philosophy of the mutual funds manager to be sure it aligns with yours before committing your hard earned money.

Mutual fund is deed a good way to start because affords you the opportunity to be a part owner of an international company with just little investment and coupled with the fact that it is less volatile. Another advantage you stand to gain with mutual fund is that you have the options to chose the stock, and bond you want to invest in. With mutual funds you have the options to also invest in global funds, sector fund, country funds or regional funds et al.

2. Buy Stocks of Multinational Companies

You can choose to invest in foreign markets by buying stocks of multinational companies that are listed in the stock market of your country. For example if you buy the stocks of Chevron or Microsoft, it means that you are a part owner of the company’s investments in other countries. Although this form of investment might not give you the kind of returns that you are likely to generate from mutual funds and ETF, et al but it is sure a good way to start investing in the foreign market. It is less risky and perhaps a gateway into venturing into international market.

3. Invest in Exchange Traded Fund (ETF)

Another means of investing in the foreign market is to invest in Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). Exchange Traded Fund is similar to mutual fund but one of the differences is that with ETF you can buy over the share of an existing share holder and you can as well sell your own share anytime you so desire. ETF is highly volatile when compared to mutual funds. With ETF, you can decide to buy the stocks from a particular country or from all the countries in the world if you have the financial capacity to do so.

4. Invest in American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)

If you live in America, perhaps one of the best ways to launch into foreign markets is via American Depositary Receipts (ADRs). American Depositary Receipts are securities that represent shares of foreign companies and they are traded in the United States of America and in Dollars for that matter. You can easily buy ADRs and sell them when you so desire. Just ensure that you have an experienced stock broker and you won’t have any challenge trading in ADRs. ADRs are traded in NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX.

5. Invest in Hedge Funds

Another means to invest in foreign market is via hedge funds. Hedge fund is simply described as an offshore investment fund that is formed as private limited partnership that engages in speculations making use of credit or borrowed capital. Hedge funds explore every available market and they make use of various investment strategies and financial instruments. One thing about hedge funds is that it can be very volatile; the risk involved is much so also the profit margin is much as well. As a matter of fact, hedge fund is one of the world’s top investment vehicles and you stand to get good returns on your investment annually if you invest in hedge funds.

As an investor, spreading your investment across different sectors and different countries is one of the surest ways of spreading your risks. So, ensure that you look for reliable investment vehicles to launch into the foreign market.


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Entertainment Business ideas 50 Best Family Entertainment Business ideas for 2019

Are you interested in starting a family entertainment business? If YES, here are 50 best family entertainment business ideas you can start in 2019 with no money.

There is no denying the fact that the world of business is a huge, complicated and demanding one that requires a lot of dedication, determination and resilience for anyone venturing in to succeed. But in spite of the numerous challenges that the business world presents, there are known tactics that successful business ‘adventurers’ have adopted in time past and even in this 21st Century – which have helped them to succeed. If followed diligently, anyone can adopt and adapt them to succeed in his or her own ventures too.

The Entertainment Industry is one that all over the world has become a multi-billion dollar industry. An economy like that of the USA enjoys a lot of dividends in its GDP because of how big entertainment is in that country, particularly Hollywood, which is the number one movie industry in the world, followed by Bollywood (the Indian movie industry) and then Nigeria- Nollywood.

But then, entertainment is not just about acting and singing alone, it is huge and a lot of opportunities exist for anyone who is visionary and determined to tap into and rake in a lot of profits. It is vital to state that these business ideas may be dissected into three sections. There are; the music industry, the movie industry and the support services. Let us consider 50 business ideas you can take advantage of in the entertainment industry.

Talent Agency
Party Planning
Music Management
Talk Show
Wedding Planning
50 Best Family Entertainment Business Ideas for 2019
Music Business ideas
Surely, not everyone can sing, and truly, it is not everyone who has the time and talent to sing. Singing is doing anything with the ability to sing. But for anyone who has what it takes and looking for opportunities to create other streams of income, becoming a musician is not a bad idea.

There are many music artists around us that we all know who have become mega super stars because of music. Folks like; Beyoncé, Ciara, West life, just to mention a few, have become who we know them to be today because they are musicians.

Music Production
Music producers are as important as the musicians themselves – if not more important. The producer is the person (or organisation as the case may be) who develops the general concept for a song, comes up with the beats and helps to generally fine-tune the music.

In Nigeria, there are outstanding music producers who now occupy legendary positions in the lives of musicians they have helped to turn their ordinary songs into household acceptable music through the kind of beats that the young people and the young at heart find interesting to dance to. Although, producers’ roles are usually in the background, some are no longer contented with being in the background and are now adding singing to their calling.

Song Writing
Do not be deceived, it is not every musician that churns out hits upon hits that knows how to write the songs; even the ones that know how to write sometimes have people write songs for them. So ,you may not know how to sing, but can write, that in itself is a business idea that could become another stream of income for you and help to generate lots and lots of income. And the more hit songs you write, the more your clientele will increase and the more you can charge and earn. Are you ready to go?

Studio Operations
With the increase in the number of musicians coming up almost on a daily basis and the cost of studio sessions rising, owning a music recording studio will not be a bad business idea for anyone who can muster the courage and resources to do so.

Now, the truth is; you don’t have to know how to operate the equipment, just employ a studio manager. But if you know how to operate them, good for you. All you have to ensure is that you meet standards that will give good music production and before you know it, you will have flood of patronisers.

Artiste Manager
Imagine if you are the one managing an artiste like John Legend! What that invariably means is that you are a millionaire in your own right. Are you a coordinated person and can help others manage and coordinate their time and schedules?

If you are, then being a manager to an artist may not be a bad idea. Your roles basically will be to organise his schedules, seal deals for him, remind him of appointments and generally keep him on his toes. I guess that is not too much to do and yet be making millions from.

Music Promoter/Marketer
If you think this is not a lucrative idea, go and ask great music label promoters, and you would be amazed of the success stories they have to tell. Sometimes, marketer/promoters are even richer than the musicians themselves. Can you come up with a distribution network and strategy to reach a wide range of music listeners? If this is something you can do, then, this is a line of business idea you can take advantage of as another stream of income.

Music Reality Show
Did you know you can make income and even wealth from starting a music reality show? Well, if you didn’t know this, then now you know. Think about great reality show brands like the American Idol, X-Factor and what have you, Sounds interesting to make some money through this means, right? Well, if you have the wherewithal- in terms of finance, then you may want to tinker with this idea.

Music Video Director
After the music video script has been written and it is time to perform it, the director is the one who takes centre stage. It is time for him to give artistic interpretation to each of the roles. Although, this is a highly technical skill and requires some level of training, especially practical, yet with determination and focus, one could learn the intricacies that are involved with becoming a world class music video director.

Teaching Music
If not for the fact that many privately owned schools today are now inculcating the teaching of music into their school activities, many people that went to school in the eighties didn’t have such opportunities in some parts of the world. It is because of the craze for music in recent times like never before which have caused schools to now teach music thoroughly.

This is largely due to the fact that to teach music goes beyond knowing how to sing. It requires knowing how to read music notes, having ear for sound and rhythm and so on. Do you have these technical skills, then you can become a music teacher? If yes, then you can rest assured that many people out there are looking for private music teachers.

Own a Music School/Academy
It is true that a lot of folk today want to go into the music trade, but the question is; how many of our musicians really know music? That is why many of them will rather use the keyboard than use real musical instruments when singing.

However, if we have more music schools and academies coming up, more and more people will be encouraged to learn music and this will invariably impact on the school owner’s bank account as well as those who may from there pursue music as a career.

Bounce House Rental
Radio Show
Party Rental
Film & Video Production
Drummers, keyboardists, guitarists and other specialists that know how to play different instruments are in high demand today for different shows and by different musicians. Religious houses are always on the lookout for the services of those who can give them very good beats and sounds. So, without leaving your regular job, you can add playing of musical instruments to your sources of income. Please note that this in the long run can replace your regular income.

Teaching How to Play Musical Instruments
Yes, just like teaching music generally, more and more people want to learn how to play some musical instruments like the guitar, the keyboard and drums. Which do you know how to play well, and can you teach it to others? If yes, then you can consider this as an idea you can leverage on as another stream of income. You can do home service where you go to teach your clients at home or you can have a specific place where your clients come to be trained.

Music and Dining Clubs
Conventional restaurants are common everywhere. But people are looking for something more. Could you give that to them by setting up a diner where slow, soft and smoothening music are played. Something that is a clear departure from the regular and the norm.; where the music helps the food to digest, as it were. Does that sound strange to you?

Such a place offers the experience of a place where serenity mixes with the divinity of the soul and refreshes the body. It can also be said to be a place where different people can come and socialise regularly. Do you think you have the knack for this? This might be a good business.

Record Label Business
If you think you have the knack and eye for finding out new and budding music talents, then you can turn this into a trade. This is exactly what record labels do. They seek out new talents, and thereafter help them produce their albums, as well as give them adequate exposure. Do note that in starting this business, you have to be vast in the music business.

Organize Listening Parties
These days more than ever before, there have be the rise of listening parties. This happens when an artiste is set to release an album, and so invites people for a party where they can get to listen to the track yet to be released. If you have the knack for organisation, then you may want to build a business around it.

These days, musicians; love to have listening parties. So, how does that concern this business? Well, this concerns you – especially if you have a good organizational skill. This means that you can help take off the burden of planning the listening party from a musician. This is one good way to make great wealth.

Studio Owner
Musicians to a very large extent spend nearly all their time in the studio, cooking up one send or the other. A studio on the other hand is a money spinner- especially if it is a high earned type. As such, you can look at starting a very equipped studio. Starting such a video, might not come easy, but in the long run it is a very lucrative one.

Movie Business ideas
Acting is one of the professions that have been around   for over two thousand years. It is a natural endowment that some folks exhibit that causes one to appreciate the fact that indeed some actors are naturally born to act. You watch them on TV and you are mesmerized by the way they perform their roles. Sometimes you wonder if what you see them do on screen is actually the way they are in reality.

You have come to love some of them to the point where you consider them as role models. You pattern your life after them and look up to them. Yet, if you were to get on stage with some of these ‘idols’ of yours you would take them to the cleaners and back. Acting is one profession that gives you fame and popularity. And there are things fame and popularity can buy that money cannot buy. If you think you have what it takes, why not.

Script Writing
Imagination and creativity, is one of the attributes of a good scriptwriter. The scriptwriter, have got be able to paint scenes and situation so that people can relate with it. Just like in the case of musicians, where they don’t necessarily write all their songs, same way in the movie industry, there are people who specialize primarily on script writing. They don’t act, don’t direct, nor produce. They just write scripts and quite a number of them are doing well.

Video Editing
After the filming of a movie, there would be the need to cut away unnecessary scenes that were filmed in error. This is so that everything that has been filmed would be as professional as possible. The entertainment industry is very vast and has a whole lot of business opportunities that one can engage in. Video editing is another lucrative business venture for anyone to take advantage of.

All you need is your desire, determination and your laptop that is already installed with editing suites. And hello, you are ready for business. This is another opportunity you can start by the side. You keep your regular job and use your evenings and weekends to focus on this. Again with time, depending on your personal drive and goals, this could become your main stream of income.

Movie Director
‘Cut, take one, take two’ those are some of the words that emanates from the mouth of a director. In fact, it is the official language of directors. If you have ever wondered how actors acted and it looked so real with all the sequence falling in place, then you have got to give kudos to movie directors.

These folks are usually the ones saddled with how the scenes are to be played out. As a result, if you think being   a movie director is one forte you want to pursue; then you can go garner the skills to be able to start a   movie directing business.

21. Make Up Artist

All of the looks and the way the actors and actresses are made up in a movie, is the business of the makeup artist. This means that you can make good money from being a movie set makeup artist. What is more, the makeup artist is also responsible for the make belief paintings which those who have to act an accident scene wear.

Movies are never complete without those apparels and costumes which the movie starts have got to adorn their selves with. That in the real sense is the role of the costumier. Who really is a costumier, you may wonder? A costumier is that person who has the responsibility of determining what clothes are suitable for a movie scene, and she goes to the length of making it available. If you love the, movie world, and have a rich sense of style, then this business can be your forte.

Movie Marketer
Without the right marketing skills and techniques, one’s business may likely stay stagnant and unsuccessful. If you love to blow other people’s trumpets- in terms of helping others advertise their business, and all what not, then being a movie marketer might be your best bet. What you would have to do, is to help a newly produced movie get to all and sundry. There is great profit in this, if you know the right buttons to press.

Strip Club
Music Management
Video Game Store
Video Cameraman
The movies can never be said to be complete without it being filmed. As a matter of fact, filming is one of the things that make movies tick. Unlike stage productions that has little or nothing to do with camera men. Camera men in the shooting of movies are a constant need that can’t be ignored. Hence, you may consider being skilled in this regard, if you are determined to do this.

Photography Business
Pictures capture what word cannot. This is one of the reasons why the photography profession will continue to evolve and come of age. Just like the cameraman, the photographer is needed and important. This is because of the point that there would be need to take still photographs for record purposes, as well as other personal of movie purposes. If you have a knack for making photographs, then being a movie photographer must be the right step in the right direction.

Movie Maker
One of the things that qualifies movie makers, is the fact that they are so versed in the niche, so that they cannot be make very profitable films. Some of these movie makers are certified, as they have bagged one degree or the other in film making. If you think being a movie maker is one thing you want to do, then you are headed for fame. However, do note that making movies isn’t a child’s play, as such you have to have a ready investment source.

Movie Set Hair Stylist
Looking good no doubt is good business; and being on the movie set means you have got to look flawless. This is one of the reasons why the hair is never toyed with on the movie set. The best hands are employed to make everything go smoothly and very professionally.

If you are a very creative hair stylist, then you do not need to limit yourself to those who come to your place of business, to have their hair made. You can step up some notches higher, and become a movie hair stylist. This means that you would be responsible for the entire hair do which is being made on the movie set.

Support Services in the Entertainment Industry
Yes, you can become a comedian and start raking in millions of naira yearly from just making people laugh. The challenges of life are weighing heavily on people and life expectancy is reducing gradually, if not rapidly. It is a medically proven fact that joy and laughter can help increase one’s lifespan.

So, do you have what it takes to make people laugh and possibly roll on the floor? Instead of telling those jokes to just yourself, why not take a bold step and start by asking your friends who have events to allow you take 5 – 10 minutes to crack some jokes. You can start from there and if you are good, you might soon become the next big thing.

Compere (Master of Ceremonies)
Occasions aren’t complete without the right person assuming the role of an anchor. It would amaze you to know that this is a full-time profession for some people. They have learnt how to use the power of the gab so well that when they get on stage or handle the microphone people just love them and then they combine it with helping to give life to events as anchors.

Some comedians combine this with their trade of comedy, but there are those who strictly what they do is just anchoring events as Comperes and they are living comfortably. You may not want to do this full-time, but you can do it by the side and it serves as another source of income for you.

Dancing isn’t a function of whether you are young or old; if you think you are flexible and fit, and have got what it takes to be a dancer, why not. Hence, do you go to parties and dance and sweat? When you dance, do people gather to watch you and clap for you because you do it so well? If you do, you may truly have to have a rethink in this regard.

While it is understandable that many who are in this profession promote nudity and to an extent promiscuity with the way they dance, you could be the change maker. The difference you bring to the dancing floor may just be what some ‘sane’ minded people are looking for and will be ready to path their money for.

31. Online Entertainment Portals

The internet since its inception has been a wealth of knowledge. It is the reason why people are addicted to it unreservedly. Because entertainment is big business it generally attracts a lot of followership. And anywhere people find any entertainment gist, they generally tend to flock there.

Are you internet savvy and can come up with a portal that gathers entertainment gist around different players in the industry and feeding people with the latest news? Then you already have a business idea waiting to be harnessed.

Events and Social Media Management
Events management is a big deal today. Many people don’t have the time and when they do. They don’t want to go through the stress of putting together an event, hence they contract it out to event planners/managers. It is the duty of the planner/manager to put together the different aspects of the event- this could be a music show, music awards, or movie award. Mind you, you only have to coordinates all the different aspects and activities of the event. And I am sure you know at least one big event planner around you. Maybe you even tell yourself sometimes that you can do better.

Sound Engineering Services for Movie Awards, Music Concerts and Movie Premiers
Whether as an individual or setting up a proper business structure, there is a huge need for professional sound engineers. There is not as disturbing as holding an event and the sound is going haywire, because wires are not properly connected of speakers are not properly placed or for whatever reasons.

Many entertainment related businesses will seek for your services should they know you are out there and can give them good qualitative sound that will make their events special. You could even become a sound engineering consultant and even to churches.

Night Clubs
Night clubs have been in existent from time immemorial. If you asked your grand mum, about night clubs, chances are that they would tell you they went nightclubbing in the olden days. Another very popular business venture in the entertainment industry is the night club business.

Night clubs are everywhere and they thrive within metropolis. Night clubs particularly do well during weekends, so, if you are thinking of venturing into this line of business, you must be ready to sacrifice your weekends or else get someone who can manage the business for you dutifully.

35. Dance Studios

Just like its counterpart, the music studio, owning/running a dance studio could be a very lucrative business if well managed. As interests in dance is increasing due to many dance groups springing up as a result of many dance competitions events and programs, starting a dance studio to teach people how to dance will not be a bad business idea.

Besides couples and love birds are looking for fun activities they can partake in or learn together and dance is one such activity that can help couples bond a lot more. You can/or hire someone to teach different dance steps like Salsa, Tap dance, Bata and various dance steps. Remember this is at a cost to those who come to register in your studio.

Entertainment Blogging
Blogging business is a mega bucks business, because it generates a lot of followership and brings traction to your blog site- which is what advertisers are looking for. As a result of this huge traffic, advertisers would be willing to pay millions just to have their products and services listed on your blog. Mind you, if you know your onions, you will be doing this at a very minimal overhead cost.

Do you think this is new? No it is not. A publicist is someone in a nutshell that publicizes. Yes, there are entertainers who need opportunities to connect with their followers in more ways than just through the screen of the TV. A publicist can help to look for or create such opportunities. It could be in form of shows, TV/Radio interviews or attending other social events that will give the ‘star’ desired publicity. All you require to do this is just to have contacts.

Voiceover Artiste
Do you have   a sonorous voice, and do you command English so well? Well, if you can read some lines of thought over a recorder without plosives, then you are fit to be a voice over artiste. You would be amazed at the number of jobs that await you if you cut your teeth in this trade. There are several jobs that you can partake of, they include; radio jingle, TV commercials, and a whole lot more.

Radio Presenter
If you have what it takes to be a radio presenter then that would be one of the best steps that you will be taking in life? This is because of the great level of fame that you can command. One of the very good things about this business is that you will have a huge fan base.

Television Presenter
Who is your favourite TV presenter, and what makes him or her tick? Well, you do know why you may have picked, who you have, as your favourite. But the Bottom-line is that being a television presenter makes you famous, aside from the money you make.

Just like the radio presenter job, being a television presenter is one good way to do business. This means that you could present as many programs as you want, so far that none clashes. One of the very good things about this business is the fact that you have time to pursue other interests of yours without it clashing.

Freelance Entertainment Content Creator
Have you ever read some entertainment stories, and wondered how some blogs write so well and come about the information? Well, truth is that in most cases it is the handiwork of freelance entertainment content writers. These folks are always on the lookout for stories that they can write on, and once they do, they sell. You too can join the train, if you have a passion for writing.

Dance School
If you have all that it takes to keep your audience spell bound whilst they watch you dance, then you have what it takes to start a dance school. What does it entail? It entails that you bring in diverse other people who will be able to teach other dances from different cultures, to help train those who   pay a fee to learn how to dance. As a matter of fact, you can be involved in churning out dancers that can be used for musical videos, and other entertainment acts.

Karaoke Bar
There are a lot of folks who wished they could at least sing so well. Alas, they cannot and they take to karaoke for leisure. It is for this reason that you may look at running a karaoke bar. This means that you will be giving them and many more people to taste their fantasy. Starting a karaoke bar also means that you have to have the best and finest collection of songs that have been hits in the past and present.

Disc Jockey
Take a look around you and then count the number of DJs that you know or have come across. They could be too numerous to count, right? Well, truth is that even though it seems like the industry is too saturated, yet folks are smiling to the bank regularly. You can join the lot too, if you have the knack for music collection. This also has a lot to do with having a listening ear for good music.

If you have gone to a circus as a kid, and really loved what played out there, as well as the experience, then you will agree that the way circuses are being run now have taken a better and more entertaining shape. If you think this is one business that you want to do, then you can take flight. Remember, that running a circus business has a lot to do with music, as you will need to serenade the people who come to your circus with some of the finest tunes.

Comedy Shows
They come up at late nights, and sometimes during the day on the TV; well, that is talking at comedy shows. If you have ever found yourself waiting patiently for your favourite comedy show to hit the air, then you will agree that comedy show is one good way to ease stress. As such, if you have got the natural ability to crack people up, then you may consider starting a comedy show. This could be either on the Radio or Television.

Puppet Shows
This is one good way to keep the kids spell bound. As a matter of fact, there are adults who also love to be entertained by puppets. If you have got a rich sense of creativity, then you may consider creating characters that would entertain the kids. This could be as a live show, television show, or a radio show.

Park Business
One of the very ways families unwind, is going to parks for picnics and what have you. These days, parks area full of entertaining activities, more than ever before. If you are looking for one source of income to embrace, then you may want to start a park business. Such a park can be loaded with horse rides, swings, and a host of other types of rides that appeal to the family.

Organize Showbiz Concerts
If you have got the funds and the facility, then you may consider starting to organise celebrity shows. Of course, this would be for a fee; as all those who want to come in to see the celebrities you have must pay a fee. This is one cool way to make good money. You may also consider having these celebrities, do what they know how to do best. That means if you are bringing in a musician or comedian, then they have got to entertain the people.

It is no doubt that the entertainment industry has loads of business opportunities to offer, this is because of the millions of people who are ardent followers. It is for this reason that millions of dollars are raked in from various aspect of the industry- be it the movie, music, or other categories. You can make a great deal of wealth and fame if you key into the industry through any of the means stated earlier.


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